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About the LOUD Foundation

The LOUD Foundation invests in future leaders of the Canadian LGBTQ community. We believe that by supporting the development of students who possess drive, vision, compassion and knowledge, we can improve society and increase awareness of our diverse community.

When the Foundation was first formed in 2009, we gave away two LOUD Scholarships of $2,000 and one Little Sister's Bookstore Scholarship of $1,000. 

In 2018, we awarded 16 scholarships to deserving emerging leaders.

Applications open in November, close January 31st annually. MORE ON SCHOLARSHIPS

Celebrate the Annual Gala

Our biggest fundraiser for the LOUD Foundation is the Annual LOUD Gala. Here are a few mementos we have of this annual celebration:

We're always looking for donations and sponsorship for this event. Ask how you can help or Donate now.

Scholarship Recipients

We're thrilled to have helped the following emerging leaders with their studies:

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Adriaan de Vries Scholarship
Adam Lake

Barajas/Reese Scholarship
Grace McDonell

Gina Best Scholarship
Andrea Noakes

LOUD Scholarship
Vincent Chorabik

Jim Deva Memorial Scholarships
Ace Chan
Jo Shin
Rodney Little Mustache
Shannon Herrick
Tash McAdam

Little Sister’s Scholarship
Jordon Chambers

Front Runners – Pride Run, Vancouver Pride Society
Kate Ellis
Oliver Hebert
Serene Carter
Chrissy Taylor

Aids Vancouver – Kenneth Lackner Scholarship
Kim Hoang Tran

WESA Scholarship
Evren Salja

2017 Scholarship Recipients

LOUD Scholarship
Blake Stitilis

Barajas/ Reese Scholarship
David Ng 

LOUD WESA Scholarship
Sarah Desrosiers
Zdravko Cimbaljevic

Jim Deva Memorial Scholarships
Kyle Militello
Navin Kariyawasam
Clarice Scop

Pride Youth Scholarship
Elise Marchessault
Sylvia Machat
Vanessa Tufts

Little Sister’s Scholarship
Hanna Jacobsen

Gina Best Scholarship
Kiran Sunar

Adriaan de Vries Scholarship 
Nico McKay 

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Aidan Bancroft – Gina Best Scholarship
Daniel Almeida – Adriaan DeVries Scholarship
Allison Montminy – WESA Scholarship
Alan J Chaffe – Barajas/Reese Scholarship
Alison MacLeod – Deva Scholarship
Kara J.P. Taylor – Deva Scholarship
Jotika Samant – VanPride Scholarship
Blake Hawkins – VanPride Scholarship
Madeline Goodman – VanPride Scholarship
Jaedyn Starr – Little Sister’s

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Jaclyn Sauer – Adriaan DeVries Scholarship
Victor Ryan – Barajas/Reese Scholarship
Marli Bodhi – WESA Scholarship
Christopher Severight – Deva Scholarship
Caroline Derksen – Deva Scholarship
Dora Ng – Little Sister’s Scholarship
Nona May Robertson – Gina Best Scholarship

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Jillian Wedel — LOUD Scholarship
Ben Choquette — LOUD Scholarship
Daniel Elleker — Barajas/Reese Scholarship
Aysia Law — Little Sister’s Scholarship

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Scott MacKay
Ran Ya Jib
Kristy Mosher

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Leah Nusgart
Paul Hillsdon
Trevor Ritchie
Justin Go Saint

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Ryan Clayton
Jacob Schroeder
Taylor Basso
Julie Browne

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Joshua Ferguson
Bryan Watson
Lucy Xie
Natalie Kalb – Little Sister’s Scholarship.


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