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One of the highlights of our Annual General Meeting — besides a delicious assortment of fresh baked muffins — is the election our volunteer Board of Directors. These executives are nominated either by a previous board member, or by two or more LOUD business members in good standing for a period of two or more years.


We're always keen to hear from people who'd like to get involved. Whether you'd like to apply to join the board or volunteer on a committee, get in touch.



During the year the board has the authority to replace or add executives at its discretion. Executives on the Board of Directors agree to the following:

  • Volunteer their time to work in the best interest of LOUD Business and its members
  • Exercise reasonable care and diligence in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Sit for a term of two years to provide continuity
  • Nominate their replacement upon conclusion of their term.


To contact board members, email



Blair was born in small town BC, the eldest of 3 boys. He was naturally curious, and encouraged to be an entrepreneur and philanthropist from a very young age. He loved the independence that earning money created. His early fundraising helped those less fortunate believing that life is a team effort.

Blair was first licensed as a RealtorĀ® in Toronto in 1981 where he lived for 3 short years, moving to Vancouver in 1982. He has been an award-winning Realtor every year since 2005.Blair’s clients are always amazed at the depth of his knowledge, attention to detail, and his passion for people. Blair is always amazed at how lessons learned during childhood permeate everyday life as an adult.



Gina Best is business coach. She launched and grew a multi-million dollar mortgage brokerage in British Columbia, Canada. She knows how to build a business, run a business, and grow a business.

Gina believes a business can only be as successful as the person at the helm is happy. And it is hard to be happy when you’re neck deep in business mayhem. She knows, because she built her business at the expense of herself for a long time.

She thought she had it all. She owned a successful mortgage brokerage, had two great, thriving kids, a nice home, a loving husband, kind friends. However, she was miserable. “IS THIS IT?!” she belted out? She wanted more out of her career, her business, her friendships, her marriage, her life.

So, she leapt (it was really scary) and made some changes. BIG changes. It was terrifying and exhilarating. She locked in on what she loved most in the world and made that happen. Now, she does the same for other entrepreneurs who are at the same junction.



Craig is the owner/operator of an interior/exterior painting company. Originally from Williams Lake, BC, Craig got his start in painting while studying business at university as a way to pay for school. He ran a successful summer painting business for 5 summers while completing his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from SFU. After completing his degree in 2009 he bought another painting company and has been running it full-time since then. Craig enjoys a good night out on the town and is always game to try a new restaurant or lounge.

Drew Fockler LOUD Director

Cross Canada Corporate Services


Drew is excited to become a LOUD Business board member. He is the Founder of Cross Canada Corporate Services where his company focuses on Training, Coaching and Consulting. Drew supports all levels of leadership within an organization to grow their leadership and HR skills.

After over a decade of working within the Social Services and Training and Development sector, Drew knows how to work with people to reach results. Reaching results is how well you connect with the people you are helping and communicate your understanding back to them.

Drew has worked in the private and public sector working with LGBT communities.. In addition to his extensive background in both sectors, he is a Professor at a Community College. With his teaching background of over five years, his students are across Canada utilizing the tools and resources he has provided to help grow their business/companies. He has received awards for his contributions towards the LGBT community and Toastmasters Leadership for British Columbia in 2017.

Drew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Science, a Master’s Degree in Education and is in his final year of study to complete a Doctorate of Education from Western University.

Michela Toscano LOUD Director

Michela Toscano


Michela is the principal of IONICA, a technology infrastructure firm based in Vancouver.

I started IONICA to make tangible positive change in the world we live in. It isn’t enough to simply run my company ethically, though that is crucially important. Part our organisation’s mission is to take measurable steps to improve people’s lives, as well as sustainability on Earth. These steps include donating a significant portion of our company profits to charity and providing pro-bono services to select non-profit causes.

I have joined the board of LOUD because I want to bring those same values and vision to empower our community, further bolstering our efforts to achieve equality among people. I believe that just as economics have divided our society, they can be a great equaliser as well. That’s why it’s so important to foster a strong LGBTQ+ business community and LGBTQ+ business growth. I’m bringing my knowledge, experience, drive, and network to LOUD so that we can foster this growth together and take LGBTQ+ rights and prosperity to new heights.

Thomas Canty


Why move away when you have all this beauty in your back yard?  Thomas, a born and raised Vancouverite got his start in the accounting profession shortly after graduating from Langara with his diploma in Accounting.  Not one to be idle, Thomas recently completed his Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Queens Continuing Distance Education program while working full time. His next challenge is obtaining his CPA designation. 

Losing a number of family members far too early in their lives, Thomas began looking into all natural products to help support his own health and wellness goals. This lead him to start his own company Quayside Wellness in partnership with a well know health and wellness product provider.  That partnership grew in 2017 as the company he partnered with merged with another company to allow a larger product base. Quayside Wellness is able to offer health and wellness products that range from Core Supplements, Fitness Supplements, Essential Oils, and all natural beauty products. Thomas loves to try new restaurants, traveling to his bucket list destinations, and spending time with friends over a good meal or cup of Java. 


Rick Hurlbut


Rick Hurlbut has over 25 years of experience in the LGBTQ2+ travel and tourism industry. He's also an advocate for LGBTQ2+ rights, having served on numerous boards and volunteered for a wide variety of community organizations. More recently, he's run for civic government, and looks forward to increasing his participation in organizations related to parks and recreation, with an eye to the 2020 Vancouver Park Board election.

Sarah Millin
Make IT Work Computer Solutions



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